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    40lb+ MIRROR

    Alain Servaes has landed this old, scaly mirror at 40lb 4oz along with 9 other carp over 20lb in a single overnight session while using the Originals Club Mix boilies.

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Three Thirties & A Forty In One Day

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Last Updated: 2nd November 2016
Team member Thomas Mascha is fast gaining a reputation as a big-carp, short-session specialist, with this impressive catch being the latest in a long line of multiple 30lb+ and 40lb+ carp landed on short, day-only sessions.
Fishing a local venue Thomas' latest day trip saw him top a 4-fish catch with a 40lb 10oz mirror, backing that up with other mirrors of 35lb 10oz, 35lb 2oz and 38lb 8oz, all landed in less than 10-hours on the bank.
Thomas presented a Seafood Take-Away snowman hook bait over a spotted area of particles, crushed Seafood boilies and Seafood Up & Down Mix.
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