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    Belgian-based angler Ignance has landed 18 carp to just shy of 55lb in 6 day-only sessions on his pressured target water using Club Mix boilies with addes Marine 17 and Esterblend 12. CLICK HERE for more pics and details.

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The Sharper Carper Team

Wesley Lagaert

Rogier Smit

Dave Waite

Alexis Dugast

Tom Duncan-Dunlop

Julien Moisan

Jerome Lacorte

Nick Helleur

Dennis de Wilde

Alijn Danau

Alain Servaes

Geert Ooms

Jerome Sebille

Myles Gascoyne

Martin Locke

Solar Tackle
This 30lb+ mirror was part of a 13 carp catch for Sean Masterson at Thorney Weir using Chinese Take-Away baits http://t.co/uZmxjxdORk

Solar Tackle
@chriswheatley we sure are. You can find a list of stockists at http://t.co/DmMvAdEw3u. Any of these stockists can get the full Solar range
Solar Tackle
Join in today's opinion poll at https://t.co/oekImonYTH #carpfishing
Solar Tackle
What a haul! http://t.co/LWo0FzURBP #solartackle #hugecarp #carpfishing
Oily Stick Mixes designed by @NHelleur exclusively from Solar bait. Order yours for £4.99 at http://t.co/U6Zc7AEgQH http://t.co/bhMSDdRxSv

Solar Tackle
Join in today's opinion poll at https://t.co/oekImonYTH #solartackle #floaterfishing
Solar Tackle
View details of Dale Turners recent Golden Gates capture at http://t.co/fV355ux6B0 #solarbait #carpfishing
Give yourself an edge with the awesome 4th Rod Special range http://t.co/NDz3dCGsIA http://t.co/GCGoFj2K7d

Dale Turner
#carplife #carpfishing #happydays #bigcarp #doinit http://t.co/DnHOFNHuro
Dale Turner
Back she goes!! #carpfishing #carplife http://t.co/LzrZyYbnQq

Solar Tackle
Myles Gascoyne Drop Off Running Lead: http://t.co/mCWxKJgXNa via @YouTube
Solar Tackle
@bigcarpdan the 2-rod adjustable buzz bars don't fit as they are too narrow. The 2-rod fixed buzz bars (6" plus) do fit though #solartackle
Dan Bates
Is there an option for a 2 rod setup with the Worldwide pod with the use of the 2 rod adjustables instead of 3 rod adjustables?@solartackle
Solar Tackle
Solar's Salty Sweet Particles: http://t.co/9qWfRErf9j via @YouTube
Solar Tackle
Salty Sweet Particles in a solid PVA bag #beattheweed #carpfishing http://t.co/juC5E8hChN
Solar Tackle
Got a question for one of the Solar team members? Here's your chance to have it answered #solarteamtalk http://t.co/bD0giIbShs

Matthew Fleet
Good angling great read @CarlSharpAngler http://t.co/1YizgM3YiP
Solar Tackle
Stunning 52lb mirror landed on Seafood Take-Away boilies by Alijn Danau http://t.co/7oQQaBojFd #solarbait http://t.co/TnRIyKR3Kz

Salty Sweet Particles £12.99. The perfect baits for catching throghout this summer http://t.co/PQMYYd43UW #solarbait http://t.co/LCplgtq2AP

Solar Tackle
Big Common landed by Jerome Sebille on 11mm Seafood Take-Away pop-ups #solarbait #carpfishing http://t.co/uP9ejTGaTH