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    Solar Tackle founder Martin Locke has landed 33 carp on his latest session, including 11 forties, 3 fifties and a 60lb 8oz common, all caught on the new TunaMino baits.  

    More pics and details to follow soon.


The Sharper Carper Team

Colin Gray

Jerome Lacorte

Ashley Izzard

Jake Anderson

Martin Neale

Alain Servaes

Wesley Lagaert

Alben Zantinge

Ignace De Roeck

Thomas Mascha

Max Reichard

Martin Locke

Myles Gascoyne

Solar Tackle
Bank Holiday bonanza https://t.co/hJuKVqUW9z #solarbait #bankholidaysale #bargain https://t.co/4N5fcnBgXM

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Only a carp expert can get 100% in the @carpology quiz https://t.co/1lrsoo2C4B https://t.co/NfuMf3rhei

Solar Tackle
Back into the deep. A 55lb 12oz mirror slides back home #solarbait #solartackle #bigcarp… https://t.co/TVAdya8omk https://t.co/FZhj2WQE6S

9 tackle companies that started out in a garage https://t.co/LbghoxetPE #CARPology https://t.co/SzDEOXQf7b

Solar Tackle
What's occurring?! https://t.co/xiJjGl7YsL #solartackle #solarbait #carpfishing #news https://t.co/HO4xTV8guO

Solar Tackle
520-acre lake and this this 28lb mirror is one of 3 landed by Soren Poulsen #solarbait… https://t.co/Wf0m1QNpYG https://t.co/Eovc16VJDh

Solar Tackle
Made in England #P1 #solartackle #wantsome #realtools https://t.co/QVv8iLGjrp
Solar Tackle
Team member Jake Anderson recalls his encounter with @Midkentfish originals in this weeks' @CarpTalkMag #solartackle https://t.co/jrhvlxRC1s

Solar Tackle
Field tester Soren Poulsen's finished on the podium in Denmark's largest carp fishing comp https://t.co/uJX4pqpoJ7 https://t.co/bWVOr6xG95

Solar Tackle
Martin Locke's just landed this 55lb 12oz mirror #solarbait #TunaMino #crpfishing #fifty https://t.co/nekfdHYGrr

Solar Tackle
@carpology Congratulation Neil Bennett.
Congratulations Neil Bennett! You've won a @solartackle P1 set-up! Please check your emails https://t.co/PTGDbw4itG