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    Our new P1 stainless range is now available as the 'first wave' of these hotly anticipated items has been released to the tackle shops this week.

    CLICK HERE to find out how the best has just got better!


The Sharper Carper Team

Colin Gray

Jerome Lacorte

Ashley Izzard

Jake Anderson

Martin Neale

Wesley Lagaert

Alain Servaes

Alben Zantinge

Ignace De Roeck

Thomas Mascha

Max Reichard

Martin Locke

Myles Gascoyne

Solar Tackle
39lb mirror from a low-stock gravel pit for field tester Julien Lopez https://t.co/xiJjGlpzRl #solarbait #chilliclub https://t.co/rU6wieNo0l

Solar Tackle
P1 stainless steel, laser-etched owners tag come with selected P1 items https://t.co/DNjGcyPgW6 #P1 #solartackle https://t.co/gX3EteD0d4

Solar Tackle
Free postage this bank holiday weekend at https://t.co/hJuKVqUW9z #solarbait #free #bankholidaysale https://t.co/iguOx5MMnl

Solar Tackle
The 'first wave' of our new P1 stainless items are being rolled out to the tackle shops right now #P1 #solartackle https://t.co/a3SXf8ntnS

Solar Tackle
24 carp to over 30lb in just 4 days https://t.co/f4U9HMdRZD #solarbait #candyfloss #chilliclub #carpfishing https://t.co/X9lJNGg79x

Solar Tackle
Reflections... just came across this one from late autumn 2015 from team member Fred Ducros… https://t.co/bxgsU5IRjN https://t.co/VgQJQgvXE7

Solar Tackle
@balthezar1967 buzz bars are sold separately
Ray Best
For the latest catch report from @solartackle simply click on the link below https://t.co/4DrJ3tt8OM https://t.co/8W9ThOKEpV

Solar Tackle
@balthezar1967 The P1 Worldwide pod is available now through Solar stockists. RRP is £299.99
Solar Tackle
@ashgray149 prices for the P1 range start at £19.99 for the WWP stubby Legs
Solar Tackle
https://t.co/3gWAKgBQCC #P1 #solartackle #madeinengland #wantsome https://t.co/dYSnLISrLH

Solar Tackle
Limited edition 24mm Seafood Take-Away boilies, just £8.50 per kilo https://t.co/2upiHyDFyt #solarbait https://t.co/GxoZR69552

Solar Tackle
P1 Worldwide Pod. The best just got better #P1 #solartackle #madeinengland #wantone #carpfishing https://t.co/zypz4vr5yh
Solar Tackle
Two Colne Valley upper thirties for Glenn Skinner https://t.co/xiJjGlpzRl #clubmix #solarbait #carpfishing https://t.co/kCUzKCbqvL

Solar Tackle
Our new P1 Travel-Lite banksticks. Hitting a tackle shop near you by the end of the month #P1… https://t.co/ILSxoALBFx