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    Your applications to become a Solar Bait field tester are coming in thick and fast, so a big thank you all that have applied so far. Perfecting our two new baits with your help is a project we're really excited about and there's still time to apply if you haven't already, simply visit www.solarcarp.com today.

The Sharper Carper Team

Wesley Lagaert

Rogier Smit

Colin Gray

Julien Moisan

Jerome Lacorte

Alben Zantinge

Dennis de Wilde

Alijn Danau

Alain Servaes

Geert Ooms

Jerome Sebille

Myles Gascoyne

Martin Locke

Solar Tackle
@catchreports yes please. Send it to the address on the homepage at http://t.co/2x23Ac5bIf (marked FAO John) and we'll look into it
Solar Tackle
@catchreports @carpology when did you receive those?
Solar Tackle
Come and meet the team on our stand at Carp Zwolle 2015 today #showtime
Solar Carp
Bust building the http://t.co/qek4YOGeF4 field testers website. Forum, news, bait results, intel... what else would you like to see on it?
Solar Tackle
Ready for Carp Zwolle 2015 #showtime http://t.co/sTq4A9CUjI
Solar Tackle
What a stunning mirror. Team member Geert Ooms with a big-pit 40 from autumn 2014 #carpfishing… http://t.co/yYcRboNC02
Solar Tackle
Visit http://t.co/dsHsba0Xw9 to see some of your favourite winter pics such as this one from @CarlSharpAngler #carp http://t.co/ChKsdY0spc

The Big One
@solartackle launch a new scheme targeting field testers, to find out more click on the link below; http://t.co/exK6Eo5ae4
Solar Tackle
Have you applied to be a Solar field tester yet... http://t.co/jDaGTzUCq8 #carplife #opportunity
Solar Tackle
Have you sent in your application to be a Solar field tester? They're coming in thick and fast, so if not visit http://t.co/jDaGTzUCq8 today
Solar Tackle
Chunky common landed on the Candy Floss pop-ups by Alain Servaes on a short, day session #solarbait http://t.co/weh9th2MoC

Simon Crow
Linear head bailiff Roy Parsons is stepping down from his post on 28th April, a top bloke who deserves a happy retirement #carpfishing