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    Jerome Sebille's flawless record using the Seafood Take-Away baits continues as he's just landed this dark, impressive mirror from a big, wild water in France. Have you tried the Seafood Take-Away yet? CLICK HERE to place your order today. 

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The Sharper Carper Team

Martin Locke

Wesley Lagaert

Rogier Smit

Dave Waite

Alexis Dugast

Tom Duncan-Dunlop

Julien Moisan

Jerome Lacorte

Nick Helleur

Dennis de Wilde

Alijn Danau

Alain Servaes

Geert Ooms

Gunther Poelmans

Jerome Sebille

Myles Gascoyne

Roderick Langeveld

Solar Tackle
60lb+ mirror falls to Seafood Take-Away dumbells http://t.co/2PU25NhmRp http://t.co/dYWVVCWkza

Solar Tackle
Jerome Sebille lands yet another impressive big carp using Seafood Take-Away boilies http://t.co/xiJjGlq7GT http://t.co/Qp8IyyCMJ5

One of the best liquid bait additives on the market, but hurry there's a limited amount left - http://t.co/8HTQWvX7ii http://t.co/fjK3PX6sn2

Solar Tackle
Geert Ooms has landed a 66lb 14oz common using Seafood Take-Away boilies http://t.co/fQ9TvjXrS9 http://t.co/sNAJLYRi9C

Solar Tackle
The view from @luckylockey swim on his current session. Traps are set and we'll keep you updated with all the action http://t.co/D0YpY3OTGK

The ideal way to try out Solar's best selling bait range http://t.co/rVNOXTI6qG http://t.co/prXPr4oBwy

Solar Tackle
Carl Sharp's weekend result at Monk's Pit http://t.co/97dG2uE3oQ
The ultimate bait for improving your zig-rig fishing http://t.co/GeLSVxYmDH
Carl Sharp
21lb 6oz mirror goes back to its crystal clear home, absolutely made up with that one. #CarpFishing
Dale Turner
Oh man I'm buzzin i've just had a 35lb common that I've never seen before @Trakker_Carp @solartackle #bigcarp #bigcommon #getin #happydays
Carl Sharp
The rods are back out over a very busy Monks Pit, it's been a couple of weeks since my last visit, but feeling good for a bite.#CarpFishing
Solar Tackle
Commons of 46lb+ and 50lb+ have just been landed using Club Mix boilies http://t.co/KUgZF6XV89 http://t.co/vVEs2ZXUGm

Solar Tackle
Hold fire with your plans for the Easter weekend until you've seen this… http://t.co/GdLhn329sX http://t.co/Vq2XZTeyoU

10kg of any Solar boilies just £75 (or €99.99). Order at your local Solar stockist or visit http://t.co/DnzivqGUEl
Have you tried 'em yet?http://t.co/qSn8Hj8xO7 http://t.co/DK17rgLd6p

Solar Tackle
A hat trick of twenties on Seafood Take-Away http://t.co/TqLw7YNj9f