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    Benjamin Carolis has landed a near 40lb mirror and a 25lb koi from a tough, 15-hecatre lake in some wet, windy February conditions using Chilli Club baits.
    CLICK HERE for more details and pictures.

The Sharper Carper Team

Ashley Izzard

Jake Anderson

Dave Wood

Martin Neale

Alijn Danau

Wesley Lagaert

Jerome Sebille

Alain Servaes

Alben Zantinge

Martin Locke

Myles Gascoyne

Colin Gray

Jerome Lacorte

Neil Wayte

Solar Tackle
Near 40lb mirror and 25lb koi landed from a tough 15-hectare venue https://t.co/xiJjGlpzRl #chilliclub #solartackle https://t.co/kNtqQFppzz

Solar Tackle
22lb London park lake common for Gary Watts on a white Squid & Octopus pop-up #solartackle #solarbait #carpfishing https://t.co/ih2BL9zQnJ

Solar Tackle
The ideal winter hook bait https://t.co/cwNkIsJlN2 #solartackle #solarbait #carpfishing https://t.co/VyXPLMn8aV

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A 'winter warmer' for you. Good times from a summer session on a public pit #solartackle… https://t.co/DEspvcwloG https://t.co/8eueDg2iPJ

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Sometimes 1 is all you need #solartackle #carpfishing https://t.co/5LgHWNSkis https://t.co/hLvW19HuHl

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Meet Alijn Danau at @CARPZWOLLE https://t.co/0qOoeDuRIK #solartackle #carpzwolle2016 https://t.co/lPiq7BuuQL

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53lb Lake Record from a 70-acre pit https://t.co/aXOPTxVC1A #clubmix #solartackle #carpfishing https://t.co/qQd9GIM9AM

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Join us at @CARPZWOLLE on stand 307 for incredible show offers https://t.co/mIrf0NsdVc #solartackle #carpzwolle2016 https://t.co/4RLq0bQYcX

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Two Seventies landed in three weeks on Solar bait!! https://t.co/Wi8P6V6pP2 https://t.co/xOTL8eEYLY

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Winter Forty! https://t.co/SIrD8mHNg1 #solartackle #solarbait #carpfishing https://t.co/3ji9l9YWrD

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Meet Alijn Danau at @CARPZWOLLE, come and visit us on stand 307 https://t.co/0qOoeDuRIK #solartackle #carpzwolle2016 https://t.co/KIMpghEyhR

Solar Tackle
Chunk alert!! 51lb common landed on Club Mix https://t.co/xiJjGlpzRl #solartackle #carpfishing https://t.co/kZRVKiB5Hc

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