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    This 57lb 12oz mirror has been landed by Jaroslaw Dabrowski on a 2-day session while using Club Mix boilies, Quench pellets and Salty Sweet Particles on a big gravel pit in Koln, Germany. He also landed commons of 36lb and 38lb.

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The Sharper Carper Team

Wesley Lagaert

Rogier Smit

Colin Gray

Dale Turner

Julien Moisan

Jerome Lacorte

Alben Zantinge

Nick Helleur

Dennis de Wilde

Alijn Danau

Alain Servaes

Geert Ooms

Jerome Sebille

Myles Gascoyne

Martin Locke

Carl Sharp
26lb 6oz ghosty and a mid double common makes the tally up to 5 so far. Once again in my t shirt tonight. #CarpFishing #NovemberHeatwave
Carl Sharp
2 more commons so far this morning making it 3 in the last 4 hours. Crazy stuff. #CarpFishing
Carl Sharp
First fish of the weekend, 23lb 3oz mirror. Can't believe how mild it is for November. I'm sat here in a t shirt. #NotComplaining
Carl Sharp
Only got to get through the next 4 hours before I'm lake bound. Happy Friday everyone 🐳
Solar Tackle
What a carp, landed by Jaroslaw Dabrowski on Club Mix boilies. More details at http://t.co/cN32ii6AtC #solarbait http://t.co/iMQ7x7HvyW

Solar Tackle
4th Rod Candy Floss Pop-Ups, the perfect hook bait for your next session #solarbait #winterwinner http://t.co/DdyS1x5pJ4
A new batch of the 4th Rod Special Candy Floss pop-ups are now available to order at http://t.co/AbijFCAhaH http://t.co/AFWlNMeYPf

french connection
yesterday, at night.... approx 20 jumps over the sea food, 20 kilosssss ;-))))
Solar Tackle
Big-pit sunset solartackle #carplife http://t.co/F9k65CXIcE
french connection
2 rods with attractive solar baits.... temperatures are very low but.... http://t.co/2TKjq33tGi

Solar Tackle
Nick Helleur CARPFISHING: http://t.co/E2dhSpD1mc via @YouTube
Solar Tackle
The incredible Lake Bled from Nick Helleur's last trip to Slovenia http://t.co/muyEr5lK2z #incredible #solartackle #carpfishing
Solar Tackle
5 carp to 20lb 12oz for @CarlSharpAngler using Pineapple Secret baits http://t.co/iAIP3UHiFf #solarbait #carpfishing http://t.co/ijtMqJy0cO

Solar Tackle
Autumn carping #solartackle http://t.co/BhwhZK0kUL

Solar Tackle
Incredible - Two angling milestones achieved in one session http://t.co/UtDOq10Kx8 #solartackle #chilliclub #bigcarp