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    Team member Rogier Smit has landed his target fish, this impressive 52lb 9oz common, from a tough water in eastern Holland using Club Mix boilies. It's a fitting reward for the effort and perserverance he put in to his campaign.

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The Sharper Carper Team

Wesley Lagaert

Rogier Smit

Dale Turner

Tom Duncan-Dunlop

Julien Moisan

Jerome Lacorte

Alben Zantinge

Nick Helleur

Dennis de Wilde

Alijn Danau

Alain Servaes

Geert Ooms

Jerome Sebille

Myles Gascoyne

Martin Locke

Solar Tackle
Go nuts, it's Friday! http://t.co/zceJ13P0vq #solarbait #greatbait http://t.co/bt12kKvE1E

Solar Tackle
Alfons Schambeck has landed this 57lb mirror fishing over a spread of Chilli Club boilies and Salty Sweet Particles #solarbait
Solar Tackle
Martin Locke landed this 64lb common last night using the new Chilli Club boilies #solarbait #bigcarp #chilliclub http://t.co/KI2RMGSrVh

Dale Turner
Proper scrap this one was!! #carplife #carpfishing http://t.co/1SvQvvAKgT
french connection
another common ! wind stop ! finger crossed http://t.co/uMwKJkFey7

Ray Best
The UKCA team take a first look at the new @solartackle Chilli Club boilies, click on the link below for more info http://t.co/RAsFt0LwcF
Solar Tackle
Team member @alain_servaes shares one of his favourite autumn edges http://t.co/zYVQuGAYyO #solartackle #expertadvice http://t.co/oIV2lrKzcd

Solar Tackle
Rogier Smit's landed a 52lb 9oz target fish using Club Mix boilies. Full story at http://t.co/T7q6TLnt0W #solarbait http://t.co/9xVk8E1VAX

Solar Tackle
£525 worth of the new Chilli Club bait up for grabs in this week's issue of @CarpTalkMag on sale today #freestuff http://t.co/441gxYJJ0i

french connection
just landed a little dark common...
Solar Tackle
Read Nick Helleur's advice on making the most of autumn. You don't want to miss this http://t.co/cJ8iGbigsy #carp http://t.co/opUFcItcJc

Shelf-life Chilli Club boilies now available http://t.co/TCpCj5CXrl #chilliclub #solarbait #carpfishing http://t.co/BcvpojP4bY

Solar Tackle
What's your favourite winter bait? Join today's discussion at http://t.co/dsHsba0Xw9 #haveyoursay #carpfishing #winterbait
french connection
on the bank, top weather big wind ;-) prebaited top banana and crushed tigger !!!! hope my dairy cream snow man will make the job !
Ray Best
@solartackle rod lands a stunning French common, for the full story click on the link below; http://t.co/wjZfD3w7TA