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    This 28lb 2oz mirror has been landed by Chris Bromberger using Seafood Take-Away boilies soaked in Marine 17 liquid. It's the latest in a string of captures the UK angler has enjoyed from a tough venue using these baits.


The Sharper Carper Team

Colin Gray

Julien Moisan

Jerome Lacorte

Alben Zantinge

Neil Wayte

Nermin Caro

Ashley Izzard

Jake Anderson

Alain Servaes

Rogier Smit

Geert Ooms

Martin Locke

Dennis de Wilde

Alijn Danau

Jerome Sebille

Myles Gascoyne

Wesley Lagaert

Solar Tackle
28lb 2oz mirror for Chris Bromberger on Seafood Take-Away glugged in Marine 17 liquid #solarbait #CarpFishing http://t.co/pcpjqNSyfn

Solar Tackle
21lb 8oz common for Ashley Izzard on Chilli Club boilies. The biggest of 2 on an overnighter #solarbait #CarpFishing http://t.co/Vo3990gxLf

Solar Tackle
Good morning! #solarbait #CarpFishing #oneinthebag http://t.co/XUmPa0ohlo

Solar Tackle
It's not every day you see a 70lb+ mirror on the bank #solartackle #carpfishing #bigcarp #solarbait https://t.co/JVnwmSK6yn
Solar Tackle
The Italian caught by @alain_servaes at 46lb+ on Candy Floss boilies... #solarbait #CarpFishing #belter http://t.co/gPnT8Uwj4W

Solar Tackle
Perfect zig baits http://t.co/NiGS7Fc7By #solarbait #CarpFishing #zigging http://t.co/2xy6ZgVRVU

Solar Tackle
Entry to our photo comp is now closed. A winner will be picked today. Good luck to all that entered #solartackle http://t.co/xMw7TbmMPs

Solar Tackle
The Adjustable Zig Rig - Part 1: http://t.co/yemqq1jfAD via @YouTube
Solar Tackle
@canarycarpfish well done... Always good to hear of happy carpers
David Beecham
Amazing fishing the last couple of weeks,plenty of rod action all clients with carp on the bank,lots of 30+ carp.@NashTackleUK @solartackle
Solar Tackle
Meet Solar Tackle founder and former World record holder Martin Locke at @FloresTackle open day this Saturday #solar http://t.co/4WXTPV53U6

Solar Tackle
Can you keep a secret? Here's an edge that the Solar team have been pulling waters apart with http://t.co/TyL4BkaATn http://t.co/jujKmjS56S

Solar Tackle
42lb common landed by Luka on Seafood Take-Away #solarbait #carp #carpfishing https://t.co/azYVA61QRy
Solar Tackle
Here's just a handful of the captures on Solar baits over the paste few weeks #solarbait #CarpFishing #carp http://t.co/q8aYU5eJAM

Solar Tackle
FREE matching glug with 2kg of 18mm shelf-life Chilli Club boilies http://t.co/YxD8XjW8HN #solarbait #CarpFishing http://t.co/nmLmFrQTJz