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    Take a look at this colossal 76lb+ common that has just been landed by Solar team member Krysztof Charmuszko using Top Banana boilies and Quench pellets. The huge fish is the WCC Champion's new PB. CLICK HERE for details.


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Solar Tackle
Incredible 68lb Mirror: http://t.co/TaeDc9ZSYc via @YouTube
Solar Tackle
68lb mirror on the bank... take a look http://t.co/LN8r5zP1Kj #carpfishing #carp #solarbait #fishing http://t.co/LTx14bN4WU

Solar Tackle
FREE open day at Willow Park fishery this weekend. Loads on offer for adults and kids alike http://t.co/xiJjGlpzRl http://t.co/z6jfAsYsyA

Solar Tackle
Thomas Mascha has been out with his favourite Top Banana boilies again, and landed this 30lb (14kg) grass carp http://t.co/v0TFaVBc1S

It's not until you use this that you feel the quality and engineering involved. Quality British product @solartackle http://t.co/EKr1c9oFTc

Solar Tackle
4 carp to 40lb+ in one night for @wesleylagaert using Chilli Club boilies http://t.co/xiJjGlpzRl #solarbait http://t.co/TOWPYeAGsU

Solar Tackle
This week's @CarpTalkMag sees Dan Hawkes @fatfishtackle explain how to tie on hook baits for the perfect presentation http://t.co/X8uWkOIdq2

Solar Tackle
Ashley Cowles from Kent with a 23lb mirror falling to one of his Candy Floss pop-ups #summerholidaysuccess #solarbait http://t.co/zMojxnzVC4

Solar Tackle
One of the iconic areas on the famous Cassien #carpfishing #adventure #solartackle https://t.co/hwT0qZyRHX
Solar Tackle
Visit https://t.co/oekImo5PFz and enter our FREE competition for you chance to win #solarbait #giveaway #carpfishing http://t.co/HxbTXqgsCi

Solar Tackle
@Trakker_Carp just tuning up the mini violin...
Solar Tackle
@jaceevs @Trakker_Carp don't knock it 'til you've tried it!!
Solar Tackle
What's your favourite bankside breakfast? #fryup #hungry #carpfishing #solartackle http://t.co/535G9LzzG7

Solar Tackle
@Trakker_Carp Is it toast and dripping for you guys?