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    Read how Alijn Danau landed a lake record 70lb+ common on an overnighter using Seafood Take-Away boilies and Marine 17 liquid, only in this week's Carp-Talk magazine, which goes on sale today.

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The Sharper Carper Team

Wesley Lagaert

Rogier Smit

Dave Waite

Alexis Dugast

Tom Duncan-Dunlop

Julien Moisan

Jerome Lacorte

Nick Helleur

Dennis de Wilde

Alijn Danau

Alain Servaes

Geert Ooms

Jerome Sebille

Myles Gascoyne

Martin Locke

Solar Tackle
Keep your eyes peeled as we'll be announcing a free-to-enter competition on here tomorrow #chilliclub #carpfishing #giveaway
Solar Tackle
Near 40lb mirror landed on the new Chilli Club by Wesley Lagaert #solarbait #chilliclub #carpfishing http://t.co/3rJjxgTeHl
Solar Tackle
Read how Alijn Danau landed a lake record 70lb+ common on an overnighter in this week's @CarpTalkMag on sale today http://t.co/8SaSHFzau1

Solar Tackle
Go big for success this autumn. Geert Ooms shares an edge to target the biggest carp - http://t.co/dsHsba0Xw9 #toptip http://t.co/vdAJdyffbX

Solar Tackle
Over the coming weeks the Solar team will be sharing their top autumn edges with you at http://t.co/dsHsba0Xw9 #️⃣carpfishing #️⃣top tips
Solar Tackle
Lockey's current view from his swim at Lago di Bolsena #solartackle #WCC2014 #carpfishing http://t.co/MAMqFr1np6

Solar Tackle
72lb Common landed on the new Chilli Club http://t.co/WkYljKvHZ0 #️⃣carpfishing http://t.co/x64JiSwi7i

Solar Tackle
Near 60lb common landed on Seafood Take-Away http://t.co/55k4mID0Xb #solarbait #bigcarp
damien ayley
@solartackle good luck boys
Gilbert Foxcroft
@andywiggs007 @solartackle Good luck guys. Go Team Solar
Solar Tackle
Martin Locke & Andy Wiggins have drawn peg 8 and are setting up ready for kick off at 2pm (Italian time) #WCC2014 #solartackle
Team solar!! Getting ready for the draw!!! http://t.co/BIodKLL6zF

Solar Tackle
What a common http://t.co/ZN3Nzj129K #solarbait
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Solar Tackle
@northernnev it's only available in 100ml bottles.