For The Sharper Carper...

Peter Laki

I fish from my 5 year. My father get me and my brother all the time with him to fish for carp. I also caught my first carp in this age. With 14 years i read the first article of the modern carp fishing. That's the moment i start fishing with hair rigs and a special boiled corn paste with vanilla and anis. Later at the age of 16 i buyed my first carp rods, indicators and boilies. Now, almost 28 years ago i am still addicted to carp fishing. Especially to big hard nature lakes, rivers or gravel pits with low stock. I spend nearly 150 days fishing during the year. It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer. I love to spend time thinking out of the box and try different approach on the bankside. Often a small detail make the difference. My pb common was a beauty with nearly 73lbs My biggest mirror had 69lbs

Other Interests:
Predator fishing, good movie, friends, biking
Favourite Spot:
Lake Vukovina
Personal Best:
Common 73lbs, Mirror 69lbs
An item that you wouldn't go fishing without:
Cup of Coffee

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