For The Sharper Carper...

Billy Scotter

I started fishing around the age of 8 or 9, starting out as most do, dabbling for silvers at first, then moving on to angling for carp. Fishing was just something I done here and there at first, I was more interested in motorcross at the time. however that all changed one day when I hooked my fist carp, that first carp capture made me ditch the bike and go all out on the carp fishing, I have now been carp fishing for 13 years, fishing a number of waters in Kent and most recently started fishing in Berkshire. I love to target big carp and give it my all when out on the bank. Being out in the big outdoors and at one with nature you just cant beat it!

Other Interests:
Favourite Spot:
Pingewood Lagoon
South East London
Personal Best:
39.15 mirror 39.12 common
An item that you wouldn't go fishing without:
Polaroid Glasses

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