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P1 Weight Lifter Weigh Bar


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Introducing our new,dual-use P1 Weigh Bar,designed for life time of heavy lifting. Precision engineered ,featuring an engraved Solar logo and built in the UK, the P1 Weight Lifter is made from 100% stainless steel. Designed with a rotating central attachment that holds a substancial, quality caribiner clip that’s compatible with all commonly-used weigh scales to give a safe, secure attachment.

The handle is long enough to allow a safe, secure grip when lifing big weights and for those Red Letter Days one half of the handle unscrews, leaving a male thread. This enables the P1 Weight Lifter to be attached to a storm pole or extension bar for better leverage and more accurate weighing of big fish.

Built to last and designed by anglers... as always.

- 100% stainless steel
-Dual use Hand held in a traditional weigh bar style and one half of the handle unscrews, enabling the P1 Weight Lifter to be attached to a storm pole or extension bar
- Strong, oversize caribiner for safe secure attachment of all commonly-used fishing scales
- Engineered and built in the UK
- Engraved Solar logo
- Rotating central attachment



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