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SP C-Tech Sofa Chair


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SolarCam embellishes a brand new ergonomic mattress to anglers. Its supportive yet soft ‘cup’ is anchored over the arm rests, so they’re sumptuously padded as well. Plus, there’s no draughts around your lower back, a huge benefit in the colder months.

The mattress features Solar’s 3D Duradore fabric that’s proven itself on Solar’s market leading bedchairs for years now. This will effortlessly ventilate the chair when you’re sitting on it.

The frame is hewn from the same high tensile aluminium as Solar’s renowned bedchairs and chairs. Plus, it boasts the fixing method that makes them so famous, as it eliminates sag and takes huge weights. Both the front and rear folding legs feature securing clips so the chair won’t collapse underlateral movement and Spring-Loc leg adjustment (another Solar first) delivers effortless adjustment, with swivelling mud feet of course.

Incredibly, for a chair of this strength and comfort, the Sofa Chair weighs a diminutive 5.9kg.


• The ultimate in session chair comfort!

• Featuring SP C-Tech Digital SolarCam

• 3DDuraDoreair-pocketed,self ventilating mattress

• Incrediblylightweightatjust 5.9kg

• High tensile, aluminium folding frame

• Spring-Loc leg adjustment (another Solar first!)

• Swivelling mudfeet

• Ergonomic, padded arm rests

• Compression straps to keep the chair closed in transit

• Front and rear Legloc to prevent collapse under lateral m ovem ent

• Dimensions: Height: 91 - 101cm Width: 80cm


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