NEW Uni Spider 1.2m Extended Overwrap


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A full-size overwrap for Solar’s SP and South Westerly Pro UNI Spider bivvies, creating a twin skin and a 1.2m porch on the front, perfect for storage and cooking, converting either model of UNI Spider bivvy into a perfect long-stay shelter.

Unlike all other current ‘extensions’, the Uni-Spider 1.2m Extended Wrap is also a full overwrap, delivering incredible insulation and eliminating condensation by creating a second skin. In fact, both the SP and South Westerly Pro UNI Spider Bivvies feature an inner vapour shield which actually creates an unrivalled triple skin on the roof.

A robust, alloy frame on the front of the wrap provides steadfast stability together with three, extending, alloy, frame support bars, and the roll-up door has both full fabric and clear window options featuring Solar’s Snap-Loc magnetic buckles. The front of the wrap can also be completely rolled back to give an open front to the 1.2m extended porch. To both sides there are also zipped doors with blind and mesh options for total versatility.

Attention to detail in the design is evident with two Snap-Loc Magnetic rod ties on the sides of the extended porch. Neat, pack-away guide ropes with a reflective thread woven in, so that they stand out in torchlight, and 4 full-size, zipped vents in the back that line up with the vents in both models of the UNI Spider bivvies, allowing you to still benefit from full ventilation as needed, with the ability to access and open / close the vents from within the bivvy.

All part of our ‘Solar System’ modular concept so you can convert your Uni Spider bivvy from an from agile, ‘overnight’ shelter into the perfect, long-stay home with optimum space, protection and comfort.

“Take it Anywhere”... and you will!

- Part of our “Solar System” Modular Concept, which means the UNI Spider expands with your fishing

- Converts the UNI Spider into the perfect long-stay shelter

- Compatible with both SP UNI Spider & South Westerly Pro UNI Spider Bivvies

- Currently the only extension to act as a full overwrap/twin skin to improve heat retention and eliminate condensation

- SolarTex 3 material

- Delivers a bivvy-wide 1.2m long porch, perfect for storage, cooking and socialising. It even converts the UNI Spider to a 2-man shelter

- Multiple door/window options via roll up blind and clear window panel

- 2 large, zipped, side doors, both with mozzi-mesh options included

- Four Snap-Loc magnetic rod ties

- Snap-Loc System, magnetic fittings for swift, painless set-up

- Robust, alloy, extending frame

- Complete with hard-wearing, carry bag

- Weight 8.28 kg

- Dimensions (cm) : 285 x 310 x 150 


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