For The Sharper Carper...

Short, But Sweet

I’d been concentrating on a particular area of a Big Pit in Gent, Belgium as it was home to some large target fish that I wanted to put in my album. It’s notorious as not being too easy, but that adds to the challenge and makes it more exciting. I’d fished it a few times in early autumn and kept trickling some of the Originals Club Mix boilies in between sessions. The weather was due to change from sunny, warm weather to strong southwesterly winds and rain, so I juggled some work plans to make sure I was at the lake for the change in conditions.

Scattering a kilo of The Originals Club Mix boilies over the area I positioned both rods over the top with snowman hook baits.

The timing was perfect and just 15 minutes later, before I’d even got the brolly up to shelter from the rain, I was in. Over the next 20 hours the action kept coming steadily, finishing with a tally of 6 mid twenties, a 30lb common, a 32lb common and a 33lb 5oz common. The jewel in the crown though came in the morning. A slow take followed by a heavy, plodding fight meant that I knew I was into a big fish. As it neared the net I saw the flaks of a big mirror, and as it slid over the net cord I knew exactly which fish it was, an old, scaly mirror, which is as old as I am, called Thelma, which was my main target on the lake. She tipped the scales at 40lb 4oz and a little later that morning I was packing up shattered, desperately in need of caffeine, but elated.

After the hectic night though, tired as I was, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist going back. I knew that the fish would probably stay in that corner of the lake with the wind pushing in, as the weather conditions were set to stay the same at leats for the next 24 hours, so I baited up before I left for work. I scattered a couple of kilos of The Originals Club Mix baits over the area and left them to it.

The plan was to nick another short session between shifts at work, and the day in the office couldn’t pass quickly enough (especially knowing that my spot was primed and the carp could very well be ripping it up at any time).

I was out of the door bang on time, a quick dash to the lake and I was soon pushing my loaded barrow back up the path. The light was fading as I got the rods out, but with everything still clipped up from the night before, the rods were in position quickly.

A Club Mix snowman hook bait on each rod and another scattering of The Originals Club Mix freebies over the top, and I was ready for action again.

I’d barely got the brolly up when the left-hand rod let out a single bleep, shortly followed by another. Watching the rod, I noticed that the line angle, where it enters the water, was slowly kiting to the left, with only the occasional bleep registering on the alarm.

I picked the rod up and lifted in to a heavy resistance and I knew I’d made contact with another of the lake’s big residents. The fight was slow, and heavy, as the fish stayed deep and kited from left to right. Before long a golden common rolled just out of reach of the net. I could see how deep the fish was, and knew that another of my target fish was soon to be ticked off the list.

On the scales the needle stopped at 44lb, and the fish was every bit as impressive as I’d hoped when I first set out to target it.

To be honest, I was a bit blown away, in just two consecutive overnighters I’d landed two forties, both of which were targets that I dearly wanted to catch, as well as another 9 fish, including three thirties.

The Big Pit is not usually that generous, or easy, but sometimes everything just falls right.

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