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Echo Pool 70s Brace

Solar UK Team member and good friend Sean Mayo had a week to remember at the Solar Sponsored Echo Pool in France . Landing two of the biggest fish in the lake.
“Arriving in the early hours Monday because of work commitments, I only had a 5 day trip to meet a friend who was already at the venue fishing . It was middle of the night so didn’t want to disturb the lake as we was advised all the bites were coming at night, mainly early hours so I slotted in some nice looking deeper areas keeping disturbance down to a minimum.
The next morning was an early start to see the venue and there was noticeable fizzing from the deeper silty areas so armed with the new Solar test bait I decided to keep the rigs in the deeper water as temperatures were dropping and give them some food . Early tuesday morning i had a slow take which resulted in a fish called the barrel at 72lb!! On its own had made my trip but as an angler I wanted more and kept my eyes on the water regularly. A day or so later with no more action I found some fish in a corner of the lake where there were no lines . A quick move with a rod to where I had seen them. The next few days were very productive landing 7 more fish to 54lb and only one under 40lb. During this time I had been baiting my middle rod which was having no joy, after moved it into shallower water which then produced a bite which was a repeat of barrel again, so we just slipped her back and got the rod back on the spot, but as I was going into the last night I only put a scattering of baits over each rod so to try and get a quick bite as I was leaving early the next morning. On dusk I had a few bleeps which was generally all the indication as fishing the far margin and when i picked up the rod instantly new it was a good fish. After a good 10 minute battle i landed the fish known as the twin which looked absolutely massive and weight in at 75.8lb.
What a trip and the owners andy and tash made it even better being great hosts the whole time we was there and just lovely people.”
Awesome work Sean won’t be forgetting this for a while

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