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That's What I Call Karma

The first week of September, the long awaited trip to the well-known Rainbow Lake was finally on the cards. Together with my mate Jan Nolet we looked forward, as we hadn’t fished together for more than a year. As always we left on the Friday morning to arrive late afternoon at the lake. There are normally are some guys you know to have a chat with and to start getting excited for the week ahead and the set-up on the Saturday. It’s also a bit of a tradition to have dinner with a bunch of guys who also arrive for the week ahead. That’s always a great night with nice food, some drinks and loads of carpy stories!     

However this time the journey was not as it should go, as half way the journey the power of the engine dropped and we were forced to stop. After an hour a tow truck brought us to a garage and, to cut a long story short, we could continue our journey the next day after parting some €1100.

Due to the delay we arrived on Saturday afternoon, so we decided to just find our spots, put some bait in have an early night. We set the alarms for first light and put all the rods out in the morning feeling very confident. I’m a strong believer in karma so just knew all the troubles so far would come back as a positive later in the trip.

We didn’t have to wait long for the first action as after a few hours we started catching regularly and, at midnight, I caught an incredible looking monster of 30.6kg  (67lb+). Now that’s what I call karma!

The action kept on steady throughout the week and we ended with 33 carp. All the fish were caught using the new Solar Bait Originals Club Mix and Originals Red Herring, mixed together. I like to mix two types of boilies to get a wider reach of fish, because not all fish have the same preference. Club Mix and Red Herring are a proven combo, but think I’m absolutely sure Quench and Candy Floss will be very effective in the colder months, and a combo Ill try this autumn is Red Herring with Top Banana. So you have sweet and fish together.


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