For The Sharper Carper...

River Thames Brace for James

Is there anything better than a scale perfect mirror from the mighty River Thames? Well they don’t get much better than this one.
James Weller
with a brace of recent river carp, here he is with the story.

“After a job of mine got cancelled I found myself with a bit of spare time on my hands and a decision to make, "where to go fishing?". I spoke with a few regulars at my syndicate and was lead to believe it was fishing slow, so a call to a close friend who earlier on had offered me use of his boat currently moored on Thames was made and thankfully the offer still stood. So after a bit of bait prep and tackle shop visit I was on my way to the moorings absolutely buzzing at the prospect of having 5 nights on the boat.
The first day was mainly spent searching the stretch for likely areas and a bait up because I was not able to prebait. I dropped on a spot that night I thought was a good area and was plagued by bream all night not ideal but at least I knew fish were holding in the area so the following morning I baited heavy with 10kg of chopped and whole boillie with the intention of going for another look at the stretch during the the day and returning to fish the night on the spot a routine I repeated everyday for the rest of my session. The night started much the same, bream after bream falling for my traps. It was 3 in the morning and I was halfway through dealing with another snotty when the middle rod went into meltdown and I was into a definite carp after a long dogged battle I slipped the net under a lovely old 24lb mirror and the rest of the night passed uneventfully.
The third night I had a bream and lost a carp at the net due to a hook pull which left me a little upset but not being someone to dwell on bad luck I carried on and on the fourth night not one bream came my way I woke at 5 in the morning biteless and feeling like my chance had gone I put the kettle on and rolled a smoke, no sooner had the kettle boiled my left hand rod screamed into life and again a long drawn out battle commenced with the fish going on multiple runs down river, luckily the hook held firm this time and I bundled this lovely 28lb scaley Thames carp in the net. The last night drew a blank but it didn't matter I was still buzzing from the previous nights capture and I was on my way home early doors a happy man.”

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