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Jake's on Fire | New UK PB Common from a 300 acre reservoir

"After not fishing Bough beech for a number of years, Andy and I headed down over the bank holiday weekend for a long overdue trip to the res.
After turning up the Wednesday to bait up, I forgot how truly incredible this 300+ acre paradise really was. I left that evening filled with anticipation to get down on the Friday for my first trip in years!
Friday came and it was probably the hottest day of the year thus far, with temps of up to 21 degrees. It was a lovely day to get all of the gear loaded in the boat and set sail across the res.
I got set up in one of the areas we baited and with the wind due to turn on the Saturday evening, I felt in prime position for when it changed. Friday evening night passed with only a bream to show for my efforts, but the best conditions was yet to come.
Saturday evening as the wind changed direction and trickled perfectly into the swim I was fishing, it looked perfect. With all the rods in close and baited with a good helping of SSK, i felt confident. Right on cue as I was standing next door in Andy's swim, one showed in close, shortly followed by a couple more. In 300 acres location is everything, so to know we had the location right, we went into the night full of excitement of what might be.....
I awoke at 5.30am and wondered why something hadn't happened, not even a bream. As I laid there half awake, my right hand rod buckled round and it was game on!
After trying to do me in a snag, I finally got the fish under control and in the net. At first glance I thought it was a good upper 20 common. It wasn't until Andy said 'that's a 40 mate' that I realised what I had just landed. A new UK pb common of 40.12! From such a challenging venue and one of the biggest carp lakes in the UK!
If that wasn't enough, shortly after the same rod went again and I managed to also land a 26 common. Certainly, a morning's angling I will never forget!"

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