For The Sharper Carper...

3rd Thames 30lber of the season for James!

Thames 30s are very hard to come by so to have three in a season is quite something, well that's exactly what James Weller has done. Securing his final one in winter making it even more special, what a jaw dropper of a carp absolutely stunning .
"After the previous weeks session on the Thames I was eager to get back out but work commitments meant I had to wait until the weekend. I carried on baiting regularly with 20mm TmT to keep the spot primed for my return.
I arrived back to the swim late Friday night and was soon greeted with the local seal hunting right over the spot not ideal. So I was pleasantly surprised when when of my rods signalled a take in the early hours of Saturday morning, resulting in a scraper 20lb common.
The rest of the day, night and following mornings bite time passed uneventfully,
Thinking my chance had gone I started wrapping up when out the blue the same rod was away. With an upper 20 in the net I popped the hook out, checked the hook point, put a fresh dairy cream popup on the rig and flicked it back on the spot, I didn't have to wait long and I was in again after a long drawn out battle I slipped the net under my 3rd 30 of the season. I got the rod back out and gave it a couple more hours but the action dried up and I headed home absolutely buzzing."
Well done James true dedication and effort goes into these Thames captures so hats off!

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