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New PB Common for Jake

** New PB Common for Jake**

Our UK sales manager Jake Anderson didn’t let the floods stop him from having a mega few days at Lake Serene in France, landing himself a new PB Common of 68lb and a couple of back up 40s for good measure. Here’s Jake with the story 👇

“So after arriving for a 5 night winter session at the wonderful Lake Serene with good friend and team member Terry Noakes we settled into the beaches swim. The first night went by without any action except copious amounts of rain. Due to the surrounding dykes and canals overflowing the lake rapidly started filling up, to the point where it was move or swim. I moved to an old swim that was overgrown and had restricted access to certain spots due to snags etc.
So with the water still rising, I set about getting set up on the only piece of high ground left along this bank. After finding the spots I baited and made my way to dinner full of excitement for getting back to the swim.

A lovely dinner was polished off and I waded my way back to the swim. Rigs baited I placed my rigs close in on marginal shelves, followed by a few handfuls of whole club mix and crumb. I knew the carp used these margins so I was confident of a bite over the remaining 3 nights. 25 minutes passed after placing my last rod and the right hand rod was away. A real dogged battle in the edge and while shaking at the knees praying the fish wouldn't snag me, a huge common surfaced and I slipped my bow loc under her and she was mine. I quickly retained while Terry came round to do the pictures and help weigh the fish, we got her up on the scales and the needle span round to 68lb making it a new PB common, absolutely ecstatic and couldn't believe what had just happened.
The rest of the night and following day passed without any action. I got the rods back out after dinner and felt confident for another bite, midnight came and the left hand was away. The fish snagged me up so straight in the boat I went. Once I got over the fish it became apparent a stick was wrapped around my line and I couldnt reel in anymore line. It was like trying to net a carp on a 25ft zig but made more difficult with a moving boat. But she safely hit the net and I guessed the fish to be an upper 30- low 40 but I had to let her go as I had no self take kit and I was never going to retain a fish for over 6 hours.
After what seemed like not very long I was awakened by the sound of my rod placed just down the margin 5 or 6 consecutive bleeps and I was down by the rod playing a chunky mirror in a tiny hole between the snags, boat ready incase it snagged me up. A chunky humpback mirror popped up and I quickly slid the net under it. After weighing the mirror went 49lb and I was over the moon with the night/mornings fishing. Another day drew to a close and with the coldest night yet my confidence had slightly dwindled and rightly so as that was my last bite to be had. Considering the conditions we faced I was really pleased with the result, especially as only one other fish was banked on the lake while I was there. So all round a great trip as always at Serene.”

Huge congratulations from us all Jake mega start to the year 💪.

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