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Central London 40lber for Matt


As we mentioned earlier this week Matthew Brzezinski landed a fish of a lifetime, in the shape of this magnificent common. His first 40lber and what a fish to do it with, huge congratulations from us all on a monumental capture. Here’s Matt with the story. 

“I decided to start a mini campaign on a dock right outside my house where a large common resided. I knew this wasn’t going to be easiest of lakes as it’s a 35ft, silty and snaggy dock with only around 25 carp that lurk in its depths. Had an idea that I wanted to start the journey at the start of June, so baited up everyday on a shelf that I found with a mix up club mix, hemp and sweetcorn heavily soaked in M17, Week has gone past with a lot of bait introduced and hoping they get on it. Friday evening got rod setup on the baited spot, and my other rod will be a rod that I’ll just flick around spots. Had my usual takeaway a greasy kebab! Got a phone call from my mate saying he’s coming down at 6 for a cup of tea so off to bed I was. 5 minutes before my 5am alarm clock I had a tench like bite, picked it up definitely didn’t feel like a tench quickly run up and got a better angle on it, saw it was a common hit the surface my heart went because there’s only around 4/5 commons out the whole stock not knowing which one I was attached to. A 10minute battle under the jettys and it was probably the smallest common out of the 5 that resided here, either way buzzing, tried sticking the kettle on, didn’t work gas run out how’s my luck🙈 got a few photos done and the rest of the weekend went quiet. 
Carried on with my usual baiting for the next weekend ahead, and a few evenings after work leading up to the weekend. During the week there was a couple of fish that I saw down the other where a person was fishing for a few days, so my confidence wasn’t to high, although the weather was changing perfectly for my side of the lake, a sw coming in to the corner I was hoping the fish would follow it. Work finished straight down to the lake, got the rods out on the dance floor and headed to bed, 2am came and I had a savage take and most certainly a savage battle, five minutes into the fight I could not lift this fish of the bottom one bit, in my head I thought it was the big common and then out of no where I got cut off, I was absolutely fuming. Got the rods back out in misery knowing that was a good chance it was the big girl. The night went past quiet other than a tench interrupting me whilst sleeping, I didn’t see anything during the day and I lost hope that nothing was gonna happen this weekend, sitting down with my friend on the jetty, we went to walk up as it went dark the city lights, lit up the whole part of this lake. We saw a group of fish feeding including the big girl, my face just sprung up in happiness that I knew I would be in a chance for the night I quickly reeled in my margin rod and walked up and placed my rig about 10 yards behind the fish where it was snag free, placed a trail of crushed top banana from where the fish was feeding towards my hook-bait. Told all my friends I’m going to bed, my phone died in hope that I’ll have a bite early morning and that’s exactly what happened, clutch set tight and rod going in the water I was attached to a fish, big tug of water trying to get it away from the snag, as it was no where near it I run up the wall and got on top it, first thing I saw was a big fat humongous common and my heart dropped to my feet, I quickly let out a shout to wake everyone up that was fishing. “MARKKKK!!! Big Common” I’ve never seen someone run as fast as he did, without him bringing the net up would of been much harder to land. She was in the net, looking bigger than ever. The queen of the pond, The Foreigner was Mine. Rang a few mates to come down and take some photos and get her weighed. She went 41.7lb, Her first capture at 40lb and my first ever 40. This moment will last a lifetime,
Massive thanks to @colin_clay_london and @carptrapper doing me proud on the photos.”

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