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Day session Madness for Dave

What a cracking start to the year out Media Manager Dave Wood has had. This stunning 38lb 10oz mirror was part of a three fish catch during a short day session on Friday. 

Here’s Dave with the story 👇. 

“With the unseasonably mild weather we’ve been having a last minute decision to do an awesome overnighter last Wednesday had to be done. Two hours after casting out I had a 34lb Common in the sling, happy days indeed. The rest of the night was quite but after seeing the fish put on a good show in the morning the decision was made to come early the next morning for a day session. 

By 8 o’clock I had all three rods back on the spot with half a bucket of crushed Quench and Sweetcorn over the top, everything looked spot on for another chance. Same as the morning before the fish started to show around 9 o’clock, the wind picked up and by 10am I had a 23lb mirror in the net. The same rod went an hour later with a 38lb mirror, and an hour or so later I lost one crazy for the time of year and the water I was fishing. 

With two rods left in by the time I had to pack up, I went to reel in my left hand rod the alarm wasn’t working doh!! On reeling that rod in it was instantly stuck fast in weed, to cut a long story short I eventually got it moving and a 27lb mirror was on the end. A special winter day session that I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.”


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