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Tunamino & E12 Boilies

After some delays because of the pandemic we are pleased to announce the New Tunamino & E12 boilies are now avaliable 🙌. 

Many of us already know how effective it is to combine 2 different baits. For many anglers it has been a well used and successful approach for years. Indeed, some of us at Solar Tackle have enjoyed huge results by combining 2 baits, and Arjen Uitbeijerse is one Solar angler that's banked untold fish to over 70lb using a multiple bait approach. 

The reason behind mixing two baits is that, catch histories show that some fish prefer fishmeal baits and others prefer fruity-type baits. Furthermore, dull-coloured baits can produce better results on some venues and bright baits excel on others.

By combining both types of baits and different colours, you maximise your chance to attract and catch more of the fish in any water you target, and maybe even catch that target fish you've been chasing! 

Solar Tackle now offer this tactic readily available in our new TunaMino & E12 boilie range. In the TunaMino we have a dark, fishmeal bait made with Tuna Meal and Tuna Oil, tested and used since 2015, which we have combined with an orange, E12 bait based on a proven recipe from Arjen Uitbeijerse; E12 (Esterblend) being one of the Solar flavours used in most Solar baits since the late 1990s and an additive with a incredible record for catching carp.

These 2 baits offer a perfect, balanced combination, both in 20mm and supplied in 5kg bags at £49.99 (£10 per kilo). Better still, if you buy 2 bags, you get the 3rd bag for free!

( 60 Euro per bag ) 

That way you get the bait for just £6.67 per kilo. ( 8 Euro ) 

Avaliable from Solar Stockist or the online store.

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