For The Sharper Carper...

54lb UK Common for Scott! 

What a way to welcome Scott Harris to the Solar Team, check out this monumental Common he banked over the weekend. The big commons in the U.K. where certainly on the feed last week. Here’s Scott with the story. 

“It's hard to describe how I'm feeling after landing this magnificent carp, but needless to say I've had a smile on my face since slipping her back!! 

I found some shallower clean areas of lake bed in an area of the lake that has good form for producing some of the bigguns at this time of year. 
I did a bit of light spoding, the mix was mainly whole and broken Club Mix boilies that had been coated in Marine 17 liquid a few days earlier. To this I added a small amount of hemp and a handful of tigers.
I fished club mix pop ups with Ronnie rigs on 2 rods and a club mix bottom bait on the 3rd. 

After a quiet night, a few fish started showing on me at 10am and at 11am I was in! She plodded for fifteen minutes or so but really didn't give me much trouble and I honestly had no idea what I was into until she was on the surface Infront of me and I struggled to get her cleanly in the net. After a few minutes of pure disbelief and amazement, I tried to steady my shaking hands to make a few calls. a small crowd came to my aid and we weighed and photographed her. 
An incredible carp named Tutti. 54lb 12oz... Wow. Absolutely overjoyed.”

One of if not the best capture we have seen on the pages this year Scott, huge congratulations. And a warm welcome to the team mate what a cracking start 👌.

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