For The Sharper Carper...

A Special one for Iggy

Every now and then as Carp Anglers we catch a fish that means a lot for many different reasons.

This gorgeous Common is one such fish for our man Ignace de Roeck, he’s Iggy with the story.

“The heikant syndicate is known as a very tough water where the residents rarely let themselves be seduced. The big problem here is that most fish manage to stay out of fisherman's hands for years. The file is closely monitored and every movement is carefully noted. This magnificent 36lb common carp is the perfect example of this. After a long search in the existing archive, they came to the conclusion that the common carp called "snake" had risen from the dead. This fish had disappeared from the radar for 5 years. It is strange how some fish are not caught all those years and yet gain weight. As a bonus, "snake" is one of the few remaining original fish. Personally this carp is worth a lot to me”

Our Team Member from over the channel used a mixture of Red Herring and Club Mix free offerings and fished a RH Wafter over the top.

Well done from all the Team mate special one that is

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