For The Sharper Carper...

Catch Report: Alben Zantinge

Weight: fully 11.3 kilo and the common 10.3 kilo   Venue: Dutch gravelpit   Session length: 24 hours   Date of capture: few weeks back   Fish weight: fully 11.3 kilo and the common 10.3 kilo   Bait used: The fully on a zig with Solar up and down mix Banana. And the common on bottombaits Solar Red Herring.    Rig information: Zig and bottom   Baiting method: up and down mix on the zig and a compact Red Herringspot with extra EB12 soaked on the Red Herrings. Briljant combi.  

Extra information:
A few weeks ago I fished a 24 hours competition together with my brother. Social fun but to be honest competition instinct was also present. After the raffle we inspected our spot and made a attack plan. We spreaded our rods with different options to see what the carps are doiing under linepressure. As aspected the rods in de margins and in the upper layer were where they are. We were there too so that was a good combination haha. Good fun and despite we lost 2 fish we won the competition. I was lucky to catch one of beautys of the lake... sometimes you need some luck isn't it

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