For The Sharper Carper...

Catch Report: James Jenner

Weight: Unweighed   Venue: Sussex River   Session length: 8hr Overnighter (on a school night!)   Date of capture: 03/07/2019   Fish weight: Unweighed   Bait used: 20mm Club Mix bottom bait, tipped with a tiger nut soaked in Liquid candy Sweetener and Winter Secret   Rig information: 3oz flat pear inline, 3in braided hooklength, size 5 Angling Iron Anchor    Baiting method: Small cobweb bag of crushed club mix with a dash of matching Max Attrax liquid, over 4 handfuls of chopped Club Mix, Hemp, and a few Tigers  

Extra information:
Finished work at 2000 and didn't have to be back in til 1200 the next day so popped down to the stretch of River where nights are allowed. Found it choked with blanket and duckweed. Managed to find a hole eventually and got the rigs in place around 2300. At 0130 it tore off, and after a tricky fight with all the weed I slipped the net under this little character. Actually a recapture of a fish I had in October last season, well spawned-out this time. All river Carp are most welcome though! 5 river carp in 5 trips so far this season, can't be bad. Now I just need to find that big Fully...

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