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Catch Report: Lagaert Wesley

Weight: 11.5kg - 16.8kg - 16.4kg   Venue: Surfpit   Session length: 15h   Date of capture: 15th June   Fish weight: 11.5kg - 16.8kg - 16.4kg   Bait used: Red Herring   Rig information: Bottom rig , snow-man set up, hook 101 size 4   Baiting method: Baited 5kg Red Herring 1 day before the session  

Extra information:
New lake new chances, a couple off weeks back I managed to fish this lake for the first time as since this year I've got a new ticket. First short night resulted in a 14kg mirror so I wanted to do another short session a few weeks later. To help things a bit, I baited 5kg off red herring boilies the day before the session in the hope attracting/keeping some fish in te area. Finally Friday came and late afternoon I was heading to the lake after work to find the swim completely free. On arrival it was still warm but late evening the weather changed to the worst and it rained non stop leaving me soaked a couple off times. It was that bad that I reeled in the rods by 2 in the morning and re-started fishing at 6 o'clock. The weather opened up a bit and I was able to take some selfies in dry circumstances. I landed 6 carp, biggest were a 11,5kg common and 2 as old as the hills mirrors off 16.8kg and 16.4kg. Happy Days

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