For The Sharper Carper...

Catch Report: Lagaert Wesley

Weight: 20,1kg - 14,6kg - 10,6kg   Venue: Syndicate Lake   Session length: 12hours   Date of capture: 18th of May   Fish weight: 20,1kg - 14,6kg - 10,6kg   Bait used: Mix off Red Herring and Clubmix   Rig information: Bottom rig , snow-man set up, hook 101 size 4   Baiting method: Baited 2 seperate days before start off the session  

Extra information:
The carp had by now spawned and were spread all over the lake. After seeing the first fish acitvity in the margin I baited 2 days beforehand to the short session. Friday evening and 2 rods were placed on the baited spots followed with some handfulls off boilies. Just before dark I saw a fish rolling close to the baited area and I just knew it was going to be a good night. I didn't had to wait long as just after dark, the first rod roared off which resulted in a 14.6kg spawned out mirror. Then at 1 o'clock I was in fight with a really angry carp which tried to snag me a couple off times to an overhanging willow to my right. Finally after a 30min fight the carp was welcomed in teh bow-loc landing net. Once I lifted the carp I just felt it was a good'un. I was really surprised as the carp weighed 20,1kg and was a now "forty" for the lake. Early morning I was woken again to a spinning reel resulting in a lovely scaled beauty weighing 10,6kg.

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