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Catch Report: Steven gregg

Weight: 24lb 7oz   Venue: Shatterford lakes    Session length: 48 hours    Date of capture: 13.04.2023 14.04.2023   Fish weight: 24lb 7oz   Bait used: Candy floss pop ups    Rig information: Simple knotless know hair rig   Baiting method: Crushed up boilies with a handful over the top   

Extra information:
After joining the team, I wanted to properly put the bait through its paces, so I've opted for the deep pit, this lake has depths of 30ft, it hasn't fished very well as of late so I decided this will ultimately put the bait to the test. I began the session in the rain so it was a quick, sling the rods out and hope for the best on a couple of spots I'd already caught off in the past, The following morning the rain had cleared up and I decided it was time to set up the new spots I placed both rods under low hanging willow branches with a boat full of crushed SS-k armed with the mighty impressive candy floss pop ups. With 30 minutes the left hand rod was doubled over as the alarm began screaming, this one came in at 16lb.08oz after a colossal battle the stunning little common was mine again the rods were back on the spot and the bites kept on coming day and night 7 runs 6 fish landed biggest being a little of 24lb, What an epic start to my new adventure with the solar team.

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