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Catch Report: Colin murphy

Weight: 22lb and 32.12   Venue: Leybourne lakes complex    Session length: 24hrs   Date of capture: September 2022   Fish weight: 22lb and 32.12   Bait used: SS-K 20mm   Rig information: Blow back rig with long hair double 20mm ssk bottom baits    Baiting method: Baiting twice through the week ready for the weekend 15mm and 20mm ssk together   

Extra information:
After concentrating my fishing on a tough pit this season and catching approximately 40 tench whilst targeting carp I made a rig and bait size change to avoid anymore tench two 20mm ssk bottom baits fished on a long hair finally done the trick after setting up Friday afternoon I was woken to a one toner early Saturday morning to a lovely 22lb common and then repeated the process the following Friday and again being woken early Saturday morning to the rod in melt down after an epic battle I slipped the net under an amazing 32.12 two tone ghosty finally managing to keep the tench at bay

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