For The Sharper Carper...

Catch Report: Matthew Brzezinski

Weight: 29lb    Venue: Lower Maynard   Session length: 48hours   Date of capture: 1st April    Fish weight: 29lb    Bait used: Prototype bait   Baiting method: Handful of boilies in front of camera   

Extra information:
Getting on gates packed full of people, I come out around 15th in the draw so didn't manage to get all the choices id like so decided to fit in on the last swim available on the back of the wind, Whilst spombs are flying all around me I decided to take my time and not rush, didn't get the rods out properly till the evening arrived, 2am come my bobbin hit the blank and just stayed still whilst the tip is bending round, I knew I was onto a decent fish as soon as I hooked it, 30mins later fish was in the net, a unit of an old mirror, not a bad result for a rammo lake and handful of fish coming out only on the opposite side of the lake👌

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