For The Sharper Carper...

Catch Report: Iggy

Weight: 29lb and a few 20lb   Venue: Syndicate   Session length: 6 hours   Date of capture: 15/12/2020   Fish weight: 29lb and a few 20lb   Bait used: top banana combined with the TB pop ups and wafters   Rig information: Simple standerd boilie rig, semi stiff   Baiting method: A few good hands of top banana 15mm and 20mm as some broken boilies.  

Extra information:
The past week it has been mild winter weather and i benifited a bit from this to take my chance. A week in advanced, I left some hands 15mm / 20mm TB boilies behind on regular basis. This at a spot where I expect some of the carps population to hibernate and not without success. It didn't took long of the first was already in the net. The TB pop ups and wafters did the damage.

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