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Catch Report: Iggy

Weight: 60LB   Venue: Heikant Syndicate   Session length: Short daysession   Date of capture: 8/9/2020   Fish weight: 60LB   Bait used: Tunamino / E12 mixed with some red Herring   Rig information: Simple standerd boilie rig, semi stiff combined with a Tunamino/ perfect E12 pop up   Baiting method: Good amount of Tunamino/E12  

Extra information:
The first weeks of September i had planned a few day sessions at the heikant syndicate. Never dared to dream that it was going to be such a madhouse. Many carps saw the inside of the landing net but when i could slide it under the belly of the biggist fish of the lake my mission was more than accomplished. Full story coming soon on the website

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