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Catch Report: Michael evans

Weight: 25.04   Venue: Club lake   Session length: 48 hours   Date of capture: 27/6/2020   Fish weight: 25.04   Bait used: Red herring hard hookbaits   Rig information: Size 4 longshank blow back rig   Baiting method: 1 kilo of free offerings scattered over three rods  

Extra information:
What started off as a rainy seesion paid off with bringing the fish on the feed. Friday night started with two fish weighing at 20 and 24lb. Saturday brought strong winds and a high pressure front. After a quiet night i was thinking the chance had passed when at last knockingsy middle rod tore into action. After a very long and powerful battle finally slipped the net under a 25.4lb common. All fish fell to red herring hard hookers tipped with fake corn fished at 140 yards.

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