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Catch Report: Iggy

Weight: 39,5lb   Venue: Syndicate   Session length: 3days   Date of capture: 17-20/5/2020   Fish weight: 39,5lb   Bait used: 14mm club/red herring   Rig information: Simple standerd boilie rig, semi stiff   Baiting method: A few hands Club/ Red Herring freebies around the hookbait.  

Extra information:
My first real multi-day session after the covid 19 lock-down is a fact. The choice was made to unpack on a small tricky water with a lot of angling pressure. By taking time to investigate my chosen swim, the spots were provided with a few hand of 14mm clubs/ red Herring baits. The end result of the 3 day session had ups and downs . The absolute highlight came in the shape of a pitch-black 39,5 lb common that was more then welkom.

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