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Catch Report: Alex scamp

Weight: 28lb 8oz   Venue: Kent park lake    Session length: 48hr    Date of capture: 18th may   Fish weight: 28lb 8oz   Bait used: Dairycream pop ups   Rig information: 9ft zig   

Extra information:
First trip out after the lock down was not going to plan as i was on a 3 day blank just watching the fish cruise around on the in the baking hot sun after 3 swim changes and alot ov of watching the fish I found a small gap in the reeds they was using regular so I wasted no time trying up a 9ft zig with a small whittled down dairycream pop up just 2ft under the surface a thew hours went by an was time to pack up 10 mins later 2 beeps the tip bent around after a good 15 min battle I had the beauty in the net.

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