For The Sharper Carper...

Catch Report: Igor Jasko

Weight: 350kg   Venue: Lake Bački Jarak    Session length: 20h   Date of capture: August 27,2019   Fish weight: 350kg   Bait used: Homemade boilie with Solar Component   Rig information: KD rig and best Blow Back rig   Baiting method: Parabolic-Carp Boili  

Extra information:
Hello,I'm Igor Jasko,i have a 18 years old,live in Serbia and going to high school concerning fishing. I made for this 20h campaign,4kg boilies,made with your Pear of Bananas and Ester Pineapple I caught 350kg-42fish, The biggest fish of the campaign was the carp 13.670kg( 30lb) I was fishing at 55m and fed with Boilies I love this sport and I would like to become yours Test Angler.. sorry for spelling mistakes,I live in Serbia

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