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Catch Report: sean mayo

Weight: 58lb   Venue: chanterine   Session length: 6 days   Date of capture: 10/3/20   Fish weight: 58lb   Bait used: solar candy floss    Rig information: fluoro rig   Baiting method: small amount chopped boilies / maggots  

Extra information:
I managed to get for a trip to France so turned up to a new lake for me with a blank canvas not knowing anything and with the lake to myself . I set up in the middle of the lake and put rigs to where I thought they would be but after 24 hours I had and seen nothing . I decided to send the echo out looking but couldn’t find anything during daylight hours so I set my alarm for 1am and repeated the process this time finding a lot of fish all at a depth of 10-11 foot down . Repositioning the rods at this depth in the margins next to beds of weed and also changed 2 x rods to zigs again all at this depth . Over the next 4 nights I managed 13 takes landing 12 up to 58lb using Solar's Sweetcorn pop ups and Candy Floss chops with Ridgemonkey end tackle.

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