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Catch Report: Wassim Saifi

Weight: 22.7 up to 25.100   Venue: Krivina lake (old gravel pit)   Session length: 48h   Date of capture: 28-29   Fish weight: 22.7 up to 25.100   Bait used: Red Herring and Top Banana   Rig information: Combi   Baiting method: Spomb  

Extra information:
Krivina is very well known as a difficult lake to catch a trophy carp for many many years. However i was there at the best moment of the year and managed to keep the fishes feeding on my feeding spot. I ve done that with feeding both Red Herring, Top Banana and some particles with Marine 17. For the first 24hours i ve managed to catch 5 fishes with the following weight : 12kg, 22.7kg, 22.8kg, 12kg, 24.8kg and my new PB with weight 25.1kg !! Amazing ! I was in shock for a bit and had a lot of hours with some of my rods out because my hands were shaking and my mind was blown away 🤭 For the last 24 hours i had two more fishes with weight 16+ and 23kg. Hell of a session ! Thanks to the best products on the market i was the sharper carper on the lake for sure 😉💪🏽 Keep the top quality products coming !!

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