For The Sharper Carper...

Catch Report: Lagaert Wesley

Weight: 12.2kg and 10kg   Venue: Syndicate Lake   Session length: 15h   Date of capture: half September   Fish weight: 12.2kg and 10kg   Bait used: Mix off Red Herring and Clubmix   Rig information: Bottom rig , with Clubmix wafter, hook 101 size 4  

Extra information:
Summer is already behind us so it was time to get the fishing hat back on. I baited my usual spots but didn't see any activity off carp the last couple off days. I fished a short night and by mid morning I had 2 twenties in the net. I kept baiting the spots on a regular basis but without a result. It was pretty clear the carp preferred an other part off the lake and it would only be a matter off time untill they returned.

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