For The Sharper Carper...

Club Mix Wafters

‘Perfect’ Cork Dust Wafters are based on Solar’s phenomenal Base Mixes and Attractors with the addition of Cork Dust to make them critically balanced, so they sink on just the weight of your hook. While they look like a free bait, they shoot into the mouth of the carp at the slightest suck, fooling even the wariest of specimens. Like all of our hookbaits, Perfect Wafters are Needle Friendly, maintain their buoyancy for long periods and feature our Hi-Soak/Hi-Leak structure for maximum attraction.
•  Yet another presentation edge in the Originals range
•  Perfect for ultra wary carp
• Proven Solar MixMasters &  additives
•  Needle friendly
•  Super bouyant
• Available in 16mm



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