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Arjen at Lake Sumbar

13/08/2019 Join one of Europes most consistent big carp catchers Arjen Uitbeijerse on his latest adventure to Lake Sumbar in Croatia. With the weather being red hot for most of the session conditions weren't favourable, did this stop our boy catching a shed load of carp, course it didn't.

Carpology P1 Snag Ear Review

13/08/2019 The guys at Carpology have got their hands on our brand new snags ears click on the video and see what they have to say about them.

A River Adventure

13/08/2019 Our very own Mr. Consistent Jake Anderson explores a very underfished area on a local river, with not alot of previous form Jake gave it a go and was rewarded handsomley for his efforts.

Big Pit Magic

12/06/2019 That common is something special!

Land Of Giants

11/06/2019 Join big-carp expert Arjen Uitbeijerse on peg 21 at Rainbow, one of the World's premier swims on one of the World's most famous big-carp venues.

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