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Carpology P1 Snag Ear Review

13/08/2019 The guys at Carpology have got their hands on our brand new snags ears click on the video and see what they have to say about them.

A River Adventure

13/08/2019 Our very own Mr. Consistent Jake Anderson explores a very underfished area on a local river, with not alot of previous form Jake gave it a go and was rewarded handsomley for his efforts.

Big Pit Magic

12/06/2019 That common is something special!

Land Of Giants

11/06/2019 Join big-carp expert Arjen Uitbeijerse on peg 21 at Rainbow, one of the World's premier swims on one of the World's most famous big-carp venues.

Diary of a Carp Angler Part 4


Join Stef Radymski on his latest blog, a dream session of 9 fish including a very desirable Girton common are banked by the Solar team member. 

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