For The Sharper Carper...

Wes Lagaert Spring 2021 Part 2.

We’re well into the month off May now and we are treated almost every day with really heavy rainshowers.  The weather forecast didn’t predict anything else as rain, rain and more rain.  As the watertemperature could use a big boost upwards it only went downwards which meant the fishing would be getting even more difficult.  Honestly, the fishing itself was the least off my concern…I just wanted the carp to be healthy and spawn asap.  I kept on fishing on a regular basis and every few nights I managed to get a bite.  I didn’t bait a lot, I was just fishing for bites with small amounts off bait as the takes came far and few between. I’d landed a couple more carp around the 30lbs barrier, but a real prize wasn’t just on the cards.  On a certain morning I saw several carp crashing out in the near margin  but I had to pack up as I got to work. Before I left I’d put some bait in to return in the evening in the hope they would still be there.  As there was only 1 clear spot to find I’d placed a rod in the margin and the others on the spots which had produced the previous bites.  Nothing happened all night untill at first light the marging rod bursted into life. The heavens opened once more and a good soaking was had whilst playing a really angry, hard fighting carp.  After some hectic moments I finally netted this carp and recognised him immediatly.  It was the same carp that my mate Nick Helleur en Alain Servaes already had caught before, but I hadn’t till now!  This fish has now been caught 3 times over the years and 3 times on exactly the same spot.  We’ve named this carp after good friend, late “Mark Bmw”, as Nick caught it the first time the same day the news arrived that Mark had lost his battle and sadly passed away.  I felt really honoured to catch that carp! I took a brief moment, looked up in the moody sky raindrops falling down like tears, remembered Mark for a little while and said thank you.  I hope that carp brightens up many anglers there day and when they do catch it, I hope they stand still for a brief second and give Mark a blessing!  Weight is irrelevant, but it was my biggest carp this fore-season at just over 44lbs and his best weight ever.  Long may he continue!  A few more carp followed in the coming weeks when finally there was this long awaited break in the weather!  Predictions off 27 degrees and more were announced and it would definitely bring the carp into the shallows for spawn modus.  Not long before the first warm rays off sun hit the shallows, the carp ventured these area’s and a couple off days later all hell broke lose and they were at it big time.  This meant the end off may campaign and pressure felt a bit off my shoulders that the carp finally spawned and with only a handfull off losses the fore-season passed by pretty well.  Lets hope they recover well from there sex party, have a great summer and we can catch them big and full in the late season.  Let’s hope summer is well and truly upon us, the world gets back to normal and we can have many socials, beers  and bbq’s!

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