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Jake’s Supercharged Red Herring Hook baits


75% red herring base mix
5% glm powder
10%pure krill meal
10%liver powder
Liquids per egg
20ml smoked salmon flavour
20ml stimulin amino 
50ml pure krill liquid
50ml pure liquid liver

After hookbaits are made leave to dry for 2 days after the 2 days put them in a container and completely cover in curing saalt for 4 weeks for cure the hookbaits, if you are going to cure the baits ensure you roll them slightly larger than you want then as they will shrink.
To really supercharge the baits, once they are cured you can add an active paste layer that breaks down slowly. Simply cover boilies in bicarbonate soda, which not only gives it a contrasting pH to water but also helps liquids and powders to stick to the outside of the hookbaits. Start by mixing a paste made of pure liquids flavours and additional powders (krill, glm, liver powders. Mix until the you have a firm paste, then paste wrap each hookbait, and cure again so the outside goes nice and firm. This layer will slowly breakdown to reveal the main hookbait, while adding tons of attracters in to the water column.

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