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Somewhere at the end of August, finaly my well earned holiday is at the doorstep. I have a couple of weeks to my proposal and a few fishtrips are marked in the agenda. Besides of only fishing at homefront, also some french trips are going to be made but thats future time. While writing this catch report i’m fishing at a syndicate lake the far east of belgium, in the county of Limburg. Personnaly its a new region that i never fished before. At the start of this year I received an invitation to fish here 48u and have the oppertunaty trying to catch one of Belgiums most illusive big mirrors. It ain’t going to be easy thats for sure. Fingers crossed i can report something of this trip.

After doing some work at home and commiting some appointments i found some free fishing time. Its all about planning thats for sure. First on the schedule there's a short day session planned at the heikant syndicate. Through the years i learned some of the swims very well. This makes it all a little bit easier. Early morning when arriving at the lake to my surprise not a soul is detected. The better for me and i’m well pleased. The session started very quiet untill 13pm when one of the rods bursted alive. Out of the blue it goes full speed. When picking up the rod the line rattled of the spool. I have a feeling that this is going to be a good fish. Oh dear was i wright at that point. Didn’t saw my oppoment well with the sun in my eyes but ones the carp slides over the netcord i couldn’t believe wat i just caught. Its one of my absolute most wanted fish that i was dying to catch. Some balled fists and victory screams follewed while bring the fish to shore. The weight doesn’t matter at all but when the needle goes past the 20kg mark it tastes all a little bit sweeter. Soon after returning the big fella i got a double take. Chaos is the right word. Luckely it ended all well . A small beautiful darkley colored mirror and an old familiar mirror that i reconized from 5 years ago. It gained a lot in weight and with it's 18kg i'm more then a  happy men returning home.

 Exactley 3 days later a 2 overnight session was planned together with good friend and solar teammember Wesley lageart to fish his backyard swim at lake integra. But in back of my mind i’am still thinking of going first to Heikant, just for a few hours. I left a little bit of bait the other day and i want to take my chance. It only took 30 minutes and one of the bite alarms were screaming. After a fierce battle a long grey mirror slip into the landing net. The weigh scale needle stop at 19kg. Its seems that it was the only action of the morning and well pleased i’m of to the next lake. Just before noon all the rods were in position and soon i can enjoy a very sunny afternoon. It didn’t take long of one of the shorter placed rods was off. Unfortunaly i had a hook pull. Gutted but nothing to do about it, you win some you loose some. Half an hour later i get a rechance on the same rod. This time the carp stayed on and a low 20 pounder was mine. In the meanwhile Wes has returned from work, ready to put out his rods. But first things first, we have to drink a well earned beer. Around midnight its Wes  turn to land a low 20 pounder mirror on the far placed rod. It seems that it is the only action during the dark hours.

 Early morning, Wes had to leave for work again and somewhere around 11 o’clock the far positioned rod burst into life again. A nice pristine looking common is the price. Not the big ones we expected but for the first 24 hours a very good result. The rest of the day/night time it stayed very quick until again a good way into the next morning. Its Wes its turn now to take the first bite. Unfortunately, the fish finds an obstacle on the way in and is able to free itself from the hook. He doesn’t had to wait long for a rechance and a propotioned 17kg mirror is his. Thats the last bite of the session. The vehicle is pushed back northern towords my home. Its been a very productive fishing week with some exceptionel captures.

I can tell you that during that invitation session something extraordinary happened. That is for later in part 2. Stay tuned.

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