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Back Garden Bonanza

Team Members Ignace de Roeck and Wesley Lagaert had an over night session to remeber recently, here's Wes with the strory.

'I can't stress enough that summer-time is social time and once September arrives, it is back to business till winter has well and truly arrived.  So plenty off time to catch some whackers before  it gets really to cold.  I invited Iggy a few weeks ago for a bbq combining with a bit off fishing.  I've been prebaiting a margin spot really heavy and I would only get some rods in late evening.  I'd knew fish were on the bait as the carps couldn't help themselves and threw them quite a few times out off the lake over the baited spots.  I'd put a few handfull off boilies in the swim just to keep them busy and wanted to have a relaxed bbq first.  It was incredibly hot but the carp were well active….a sleepless night was on the cards.  Just before dark I lowered 3 snowman-rigs on the spots and only half an hour later Iggy was playing a beautifull long 17.4kg mirror.  Rods back on the rest and it didn't take long before I found myself in a hard battle before slipping the net under the biggest common carp off the lake weighing in at 22.6kg. A fish that comes out mostly maximum 2 times a year, so I was well pleased!  The combination off clubmix and redherring boilies doing the business as usual. Happy days!  Needless to say that we had a great night, no sleep but with another 3 mirrors of 12kg - 16.4kg and 19.2kg it was an incredible nights summer fishing!  I'd just new we were going to catch, but the average weights were well above expectations!'

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