For The Sharper Carper...

Autumn Gold for Iggy and Wes

End off october a 2 nighter was planned with good friend Ignace.  October was already very kind to me so I hoped there were some more lovely carp to be caught.  I'd pré-baited the swim quite heavily with tunamino and e12 boilies for a couple days in the hope to attract a lot off carp..  48hours before Ignace his arrival I wanted to be sure if the carp had been feeding on the bait or not, so a short night was planned.  Well into midnight I received a steady take and a big mirror off 48lbs+ was netted after a more then spirited fight.  This was the confidence booster I needed!  By now I was sure all the previous introduced bait had been eaten so I primed up the spots with another good amount off bait and couldn't wait before the 2 day session could start.  Finally thursday, compact spiders erected, rods slung out on the baited areas and the lovely times could begin!  As Ignace caught a real Belgian gem in the name off "the Giraffe" a couple off weeks previously it was the right time to celebrate this special capture with some "special" Belgian beers.  Just after midnight whilst enjoying ourselves I received the first take off the session which resulted in a small but very strange freaky common/crucian carp.  Rods back out and back in the spiderbivvy in front off the stove, which wasn't an unnecessary luxury.  Probably an hour later it was Ignace's turn as one off his rods rattled off with a very strange mis-build mirror on the end.  Oh boy, did we had a good bites and probably the 2 ugliest carp in the whole lake!  After this we retrieved into our bedchairs to get a couple off hours beauty sleep.  Around 7h30 we woke up to have a proper look over the lake and hoped we could spot some carp and get an idea where they would be.  Ignace just made ourselves the first coffee off the day to warm us up a bit as a carp crashed out over one off the baited spots.  Two coffee-sips further and the first bite off the morning was a fact.   It was not even the rod where the carp had jumped out a few minutes earlier, so they were well in front off us.  Whilst Ignace was playing the first bite off the day another rod rattled off but the carp fell off immediatly after picking up the rod from the backrest.  I reeled in the rod, checked the hook and as everything was still perfect I'd recast the rod back on the spot.  It was now time to photograph Ignace his mirror which weighed 36lbs.  Lovely start off the day!  We had to wait till 11 o'clock untill another bite occured and from then on all hell broke lose.  Almost every hour a carp came visiting us on the bank.  It was just one after the other, just incredible!  Knowing how difficult and hard the lake had been fishing the whole year and now it's fishing it tits off.  The day flew by, playing carp, baiting up, photographing, etc....almost no time to eat but it was all well worth it!  Late afternoon it all calmed down and we could finally sit down and talk about what just happened.  We caught 8 carp in the daytime, the biggest mirror in the lake, the second biggest common and the lovely fully-scaled backed up with some other thirthies and twenties.  What a great few hours off angling!  Still one night to go and expectations were still high off some more action.  After a good meal, some obligatory beers it was time to get to bed. We'd landed again two carp in the night, biggest was a 36lbs common.  Early morning we were again overlooking the lake and hoping for some more action but it wasn't to be.  We'd received two more takes before midday, a smaller mirror and 1 hookpull which felt a lot bigger....but it just wasn't to be.  Around noon it was time to reel in the rods an go home as a more then happy angler! What a session it was, 13 bites - 11 carp, 1 fifty, 2 forties, 5 thirties...lovely statistics 😉.
Well knowing winter wouldn't be to far a way, it was most probably a nice end off the season.

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