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Catch More This Spring

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Last Updated: 16th March 2016

During late winter and through the spring carp like to spend a lot of their time sat mid water. The strengthening sun and supply of natural food in the upper water layers have an irresistible appeal.

In spring, I find that the search for carp is more important than in other seasons. Finding the carp and fishing for one bite at a time, rather than concentrating on baited areas has proved, for me at least, to be the most productive tactic at this time of year.

A carp that is completely preoccupied eating tadpoles for example is difficult to tempt on a spread of boilies or spod mix sat on the lakebed below it. At this time of year carp are less ‘tuned in’ to food on the lake bed (as that’s not where most of the natural food is in spring) and that might help to explain the huge success of pop-ups.

I use pop-ups to a greater or lesser extent in many variations in all seasons, but in spring I would not want to fish without them. I prefer to use bright baits, particularly orange, pink and yellow. As rig I prefer to use a chod rig or a Whithy Pool rig', and for tying both perfectly there is simply no better tool than the Solar Rig Cone. You need to invest some time to make the rigs perfect, but as the spring giant lies on the mat the time spent rig tying all seems worth it.

Of course, the other aspect to pop-ups in spring is zig rigs and particularly on the bright, warmer days towards the end of spring, these can be devastating.