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Wesley Lagaert's Carp Diary - March 2012

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Last Updated: 6th August 2012

The weather is still twisting and turning and is generally too cold for the time off year, compared to what’s expected.  Luckily I’m looking forward to a week’s skiing in the French Alps with my wife and family.

I have managed to squeeze in two nights on the bank, the nights only, where casting small, single, bright pop-ups at extreme range resulted in only a slimy bream. Sadly, more and more carp are surfacing or turning up death in the margins. Most off them are the newly introduced stockies, but among them we’ve found another original mirror called The Two Colour.  This is a fish that weighs, at its best, just above the 44lb mark. Another loss for the lake and a few anglers, including me, are getting a bit nervous as you would.

Meantime Mr Locke has send us our bait-mixes and additives, so it’s time to fill up the freezer. I’m a big fan of the Solar Club Mix and Red Herring mixes, as additives (at the right time off year) I do like to use the Amino Stimulin, Slayer oil and Candy Sweetener also.  Flavours are a personal thing, but with a Squid & Octopus, Fresh Smoked Salmon, Esther Cream or others you can’t go wrong!

The boilies were rolled by a good friend of mine, most of them in 16mm and 18mm as I don’t like fishing with big baits at the start off the season. So everything was ready, I’d even ‘pimped up’ my Solar indicators for my return after the ski-holiday to start the fishing properly.

The holiday couldn’t have gone better, but coming home I was soon to encounter another sad surprise in the form of another big common called  The Giebel that I found dead.  Another known 44lb+ carp death, which was the third in just a month. This was enough for people starting spreading rumours about a massive fish kill on Integra Lake and it was the fault of the previous year’s stockings. Strange, as the people that started the rumours didn’t even have a licence to fish there and perhaps had never even seen the lake. Oh joy, the Internet is a great thing!

By the end off March the weather was still pretty cold and the same tactics were used in trying to convince a carp too pick up my single hook bait. Freshly tied hook links consisting out 25lb Unleaded, a size 6 Solar Wide Gape and a snowman setup were cast at range once more.

The pop-ups were soaked in the supplied pot-shots and my favourites are the Jacko’s, Juicy Pineapple’s, Top Banana’s and The Secrets. The first night and day passed without any action, except two nuisance bream. Early on Sunday morning I did receive a twitchy take on a choddie and once I picked up the rod I felt a bit off resistance. I kept the pressure on and felt a carp moving on the end. The fight was uneventful and a little while later a lovely upper double lay sulking in my landing net.

The first fish off the year is always a bit special though, no matter how big! The pictures were taken immediately and the carp returned to his cold watery home. Next weekend we returned and on that occasion I managed to land a low, double-figure common, again on a snowman setup.