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Mixing Fishing With Pleasure

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Last Updated: 16th July 2012

Following a very busy period whereby I struggled to get out on the bank, I finallay managed to get two week off.

Having gained some valuable information from one of my good friends I rented a small house with one of the biggest lakes in the area, all 3500 hectares of it, in the back yard.
Because my girlfriend joined me on this session it wasn\'t all about the fishing, and the first three days I spent on the beach. However,  I did start baiting up a very large area just behind the house throughout these first three in an attempt to get the attention of the carp. Over this period 30kg of Chinese Take-Away boilies were spread over an area at 300m from the bank.

Lucky me, the plan worked and after one hour’s fishing on the rod screamed off and I opened my account on that water with a beautiful fish of 20.2kg (44lb 8oz).

I continued with the heavy baiting and this kept the takes coming. The Chinese Take-Away in combination with a particle mix did the job perfectly and over the two weeks I fished seven nights and days and managed to catch a lot of fish. My girlfriend turned out to be the perfect angling buddy and helped me with two 15kg-plus carp and another three 20k-plusg fish. The cherry on the cake came on the last day and a big mirror from 26.2kg (57lb 12oz) made the session perfect.
Over all, a very relaxed session on a beautiful, big lake with some relaxing time on the beach on the side for good measure.
Have Fun, Roderick Langeveld