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The Trip Of A Lifetime

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Last Updated: 16th July 2012

Last May I was invited, along with my good friend Ronald Margadant, by South-African-carp-record holder Martin Louw to fish in the fantastic South Africa.
Having fished in the country in years previous we were more then excited at the prospect. This time Martin came up with a plan to Fish in a wildlife resort that holds a 1000-hectare lake, created by a huge Dam. The environment was dazzling and for 12 nights we slept, literally, among the wild beasts.
Ronald and I where posted with eight rods in very Large bay with some extreme depths. Martin and Cris, the cameraman, were fishing in the central part of the lake. Martin had fished this water before and assured us that the big fish often were caught in the deep water, and by deep water he meant at least 20 meters.

To be honest, we didn\'t follow his advice for the first few days and started fishing close to our own bank in depths of 3m to 8m. We did manage to catch carp really quickly, but the size of the fish were not very big. At Martin’s camp it took three days of waiting before the first fish was landed, but that was a big common. With the fish being caught from a spot 21m deep I couldn\'t believe it, but then, after he landed another big common from the same spot, we thought that maybe his advice was sound after all.

We re-baited our rods with Day-Glo Pineapple and fluoro-pink Secret pop-ups and dropped them on the deepest spot we could find, which was 19 meters and was 400 meters out.

On the first night after the change we started to catch the bigger fish, battling big carp under orange, African evening sky and the switch of tactic turned it into a fishing trip of a lifetime.

With great meals (BBQs), good Rum and the company of our two fantastic African friends we made a promise to go back every year and fish this Beautiful country.

We will keep you posted on future trips, Roderick Langeveld.