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The Best Winter I've Ever Had

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Last Updated: 11th July 2012

Throughout the year I fish pretty hard, so the winter usually means time out for me. This year was different though. The tempatures stayed higher then usual and many anglers were taking advantage of this, including me.

I started on a sand pit known as a good venue for winter carping. There is a good stock of carp and the natural food is minimal, so that makes it a simple calculation that when the carp needed to feed it would be on the ready spply of anglers’ baits.

There is one side of the sand pit which is accessible for cars. So many anglers opt for these quick and easy swims. Apparently, most of these anglers aren’t bothered that from these swims most anglers cast to the same spots day after day, yet amazingly they’ll claim that it’s a ‘hard’ lake.

I placed my rigs in areas where nobody had fished, at least to my knowledge, for a long time. Spots that were well away from the crowds. Sure, it took a walk of 1km to get to the swim, but eventually almost everytime I fished there I banked a carp.

It was the first time I used the Chinese Take-Away, and from the first session it started to work for me. All together I’ve caught eight carp above 15kg including a 24.3kg common.

When writing this, every lake is frozen solid, so now it’s time for a real time out!

Gunther Polemans