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Wesley Lagaert's Carp Diary - September 2013 (Part 2)

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Last Updated: 17th October 2013

The first of September, the day the school year starts in Belgium and it was also my first day at my new job. After 7 years being a transport planner it was now time for a change. It would only be for 2 weeks as a start, as I then had 2 weeks booked off for holiday, the first of which would be spent fishing and the second off with the family to sunny Alméria Spain.

The first weekend of September our annual Solar fish-in was planned on a complex in Belgium called ‘De Goorhoeve’.  On the complex are around 6 lakes, including 3 carp pits (I think), a catfish pit, a stock pit and trout pit. We had the big lake (Timmy’s Lake) for ourselves and each one off us picked a swim. Swim 1 was occupied by Geert Ooms, swim 2 by Dennis de Wilde, swim 3 by Martin Locke, swim 5 by Kurt, swim 6 by me, swim 7 by Alain Servais and last but not least swim 8 by Alijn Danau.

On arrival we were professionaly welcomed and informed by the owner Timmy. It seemed that the lake we were targeting was well stocked with the average weight being around the 30lb mark, including some proper forties up to 55lb lake record. After a little social it was time to get the gear sorted and have a little ‘feel’ around in the chosen swim. The whole lake seemed pretty shallow, around 3-4ft and the bottom was covered in mud, lots off it. To the left of my swim near to a point I found a small area of harder lakebed and concentrated my 3 rods around that. I clipped the rods up and spread around 1kg off Club Mix boilies over the area.  My rigs consisted out of 15lb Contour Unleaded Khaki, about 25 to 30cm long, just incase the leads sank into the softer bottom should I miss the harder spot, and I tied on a Stronghold 101 wide gape size 4. 

The rigs were baited and left soaking in Stimulin Amino for a few hours while the social got underway. We’d ordered pizza and headed to the onsite café as our national football team were due to play Scotland. The pizza and a couple of beers went down very well as the national team didn’t let us down with a 2-0 win. Again a step closer to Brazil.

Finally back to the bivvy, I tied on a PVA bag and cast out with light leads to the chosen area. At 4am I received a strange take and struck, but there was nothing on the end. Early morning I reeled in my rods and went for a wander around the lake, scoring some coffees as I did so. I entered into Geert’s swim as he was playing a carp, which was around 20lb. We’d noticed that the fish were very active and jumping all over the place during the night and in the daytime, so once back in my swim I tied on some long nylon hook links and tried to catch one on a zig, as did Alain. Martin even tried to stalk one in the edge, but all to no avail as everybody stayed fishless during the day.

By evening none off the zigs resulted in a take so it would be back to bottom fishing for the night. Another kilo of the trusty Club Mix was spread around, rods again clipped up and we all gathered at the cafeteria for the annual Solar BBQ. The food was delicious and there was plenty enough! We then grouped up in Alain’s swim for a social enabling me to cast out as I was only fishing the swim next door. A good laugh was had and as it was getting late everyone retired to their bivvies, just in time as one off my rods tore off resulting in a common off around 26lb.

By morning I received another 3 takes, all on the same rod with commons of 30lb and 34lb and to top it off ended with a heavily scaled beauty off 36lb.

It was the perfect start to my week’s fishing, but, little did I know, the best was yet to come…

 “De Goorhoeve” can be booked directly or through the site www.thecarpsecialist.nl  A special thanks to Timmy and his wife for treating us like kings over the weekend. 

Log on tomorrow for the second part of Wesley’s exclusive Carp Diary as he achieves a long-standing ambition as a very memorable carp graces his landing net.