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Who Needs Leadcore Anymore!

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Last Updated: 11th July 2012

Since I’ve been given a few spools of Solar Tackle’s Unleaded materials I’m so convinced of the products that I’ve removed all Leadcore from my fishing kit. The Unleaded is so much better than Leadcore that there is no looking back.

The material is so soft and at the same time so heavy that it is basically all you need for a leader. Unleaded follows the contours of the lakebed perfectly even over rocky ground, so is the perfect stuff for keeping the all-important last few feet of your setup out of the carps’ way. I’ve even tied some Choddies up on Unleaded leaders and the material is so heavy that it doesn’t get raised off the bottom by the pop up.

Unleaded is available in 40lb and 80lbs spliceable leader material on 10m spools and also in ready tied looped leaders. Next to that Unleaded also has two hook link versions in 15lb and 25lb breaking strains which come on 20m spools.

So, keep an eye on the Unleaded, give it a go and I’ll guarantee that you’ll never look back.

Dennis de Wilde